TY WILLIAMS – more than a surf artist

%name TY WILLIAMS   more than a surf artist

A few days ago I was in Canggu having great time at Deus when I walked for the first time into the space exhibition and immediately some fancy drawings caught my eye. Ty William “Hot and Crowded” that’s the name of the solo. Two perfect words introducing his work to the audience: Spontaneous and Unprepared. I have never heard about the artist and this seemed even more fascinating, and the sketches..wow they were so vivid and spontaneous. Ty’art has nothing to be with those kind of things officially presented and pretentious. They talked about the sea, the waves, hanging out with friends and enjoying life. Mostly with a bitter sweet sense of humor.  Williams has been so nice to answer some of our questions. And I can’t wait to see his new works soon.

1.       Where are you from? Which kind of art background you have?

I grew up traveling a lot- most of my childhood was spent in the Caribbean/ New England/ Florida (east coast USA) My art background is mostly drawing on the kitchen table with my Mom.

2.       How growing up near the ocean influenced your work?

The ocean always has been a part of my life- I have always lived near it, and surfed when I could. Surfing and aquatic subject matter was more prevalent in my drawings when i first started and still pops up from time to time as I do love it. I think over the past few years living between NYC and LA I have been showing some different aspects of my life which are a bit more personal.

%name TY WILLIAMS   more than a surf artist

3.       What does make you feel happy?

The simple things, mashed potatoes, fun surfing, a new song, traveling. Being around positive people helps me be happy.

4.       Is surfing still important to you?

Surfing is important to me. It would be a stretch for me to live somewhere that had no ocean, but then maybe I would learn to do something else- Maybe I would accomplish more if I surfed less.

5.       Which is your most representative work and why?

That is a pretty tough question-  I suppose its my collage work and my pieces that deal with handwritten text. I tend to feel scrambled a lot of the time and collage is a great representation of that. I love tearing little pieces of paper and meticulously arranging them. There is something comforting about taking something that is broken or discarded and using it to make something enjoyable.  I suppose that’s a cliche of life.

%name TY WILLIAMS   more than a surf artist%name TY WILLIAMS   more than a surf artist%name TY WILLIAMS   more than a surf artist

6.       Your activity is not just about drawing, how happens the process of making “stuff” ?

As far as processes go there isn’t really one set way that i make things- often i sit down and make a bunch of things all at once. I enjoy working like that as it holds my attention and i don’t get bored. I like shooting photos, making paintings and then cutting things and moving them around. I have to work like that so I don’t dwell on one thing and get frustrated or start judging it too much.

%name TY WILLIAMS   more than a surf artist

7.       Future projects? Maybe a scheduled exhibition in Italy? 🙂

I would love to have an exhibition in Italy, I have never been there and I know its wonderful. I am very available for that!!!- as far as other projects, I am trying to settle down somewhere, I just got done traveling for 3 months throughout Bali, Australia, and Hawaii- I am looking forward to getting  a bed and shelf setup somewhere, at least for a year- maybe Italy?

8.       What’s on your mind right now?

A mix of stuff, mostly dinner.

%name TY WILLIAMS   more than a surf artist

%name TY WILLIAMS   more than a surf artist