BEDTIME STORY NIGHTS – that’s pyjama party!

welcome david BEDTIME STORY NIGHTS   thats pyjama party!

Sono nel mood Halloween e non vedo l’ora di scoprire che cosa avrà organizzato il nostro Patrick, che ha sempre più inventiva degli altri, ma anche io voglio fare la mia parte! Una mia collega mi gira un articolo.. Bedtime Story Nights by David Carter..

L’eccentrico proprietario dell’Hotel 40 Winks a Mile End Road, nella meravigliosa East London, è ideatore degli incontri notturni più esclusivi di Londra! Bedtime Story Nights, dal giugno del 2009, rappresenta un modo per condividere i piaceri della letteratura attraverso una serie di eventi e performance condotte da artisti e story teller, è un’occasione unica per un happening in piena regola da vivere indossando il pigiama.

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David Carter, interior designer, invita i suoi selezionatissimi ospiti londinesi nelle due sole camere del suo hotel/casa design/wunderkammer una volta al mese per una serata di racconti: spiriti e fantasmi sono protagonisti di pigiama party dall’atmosfera gothic & dark.

Considerato uno degli eventi Art&Fashion imperdibili e inserito tra le “60 Best Things to do in Britain” questi incontri così intimi e liberatori nutrono il Peter Pan che è in noi realizzando una condivisione di fascino genuino, calore e soprattutto humour.


The new-dandy customized boutique hotel 40 Winks, based in the vibrant area of East London, continues to develop catchy happenings in the realm of fashion and literature. Bedtime Story Nights a series of events and performances involving readings by the award-winning story-teller Rachel Rose Reid, is the last initiative launched by its owner, the interior designer David Carter. A successful chance to share the delights of literature.

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La curiosità mi spinge a volerne saperne di più e David Carter in persona è assolutamente disponibile a rispondere alle mie domande:

What kind of need made you to bring this experience to the British public?
A lot of traditional theatre is now very commercial… I just wanted to create something that was more intimate and experiential. Something that would engage people’s emotions, that would make people think, but would also be wonderfully glamorous and fun to attend.
How did the guests reacted the first time?
At the beginning, we had no idea how people would react to them, but the audience loved them, and we have been doing them for over three years now. Bedtime Story Nights are now firmly established one of the best reviewed events in London, and are generally booked up several months ahead.
The night styiling is often underestimated. Your dressiquette instead is very specific. Tell us about the most weird looks!
We do have a very strict dress code for guests attending the event, but do have a number of prizes to reward people for making an effort!! We want guests to look glamorous as this adds to the general atmosphere, and makes it a more complete experience, but the fact that we insist that guests wear pyjamas and nighties is also helpful in taking them back to a time in their lives when, as children, they first discovered the pleasures of listening to a fantastic story and made that journey in to the world of someone else’s imagination.
David Carter as a child.
Having a childlike sense of wonder about the world is something very important to me.
Bedtime Stories Night will be released out of London boundaries?
We would certainly like to take the magic of these nights to other cities and countries, but the events do already attract a very international audience… we even had someone fly in from California specially last week to attend!!
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Save the date: i prossimi appuntamenti sono previsti per  il 14 e 15 novembre con “Beauty and the best” e il 12 e 13 dicembre con Tales to make you cry”. Di seguito le regole per partecipare!
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