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%name VAMILLE   fantastic world

Mi hanno colpito al primo sguardo i controversi personaggi di Vamille che con bocche sorridenti e occhi accattivanti nascondono un’ironia drammatica e cerebrale. Nascono dalla fantasia di una giovanissima di origine franco/svizzera, Camille Vallotton, che oltre ad avere una mano felice ha stoffa da vendere infatti è una freeskier sponsorizzata dal brand di snow goggles Out-Of!

Where do your characters come from?

I don’t really know where they come from. One day they appeared and it was like a thunderbolt. I can give them all the look that I want thanks to their forms, I can make them happy, sad, stupid, etc … But still, I enjoy torturing them, to make them live very unpleasant situations. But none ever naughty or nice, nobody ever wins.

%name VAMILLE   fantastic world

Some people think that fantasy and creativity are only for childhood. What do you think?

I think these people have grown up too fast. The first part of me has never grown up and could play in painting without asking question. But the second part of me wants to be able to create an unique universe, a professional future, thanks to the creativity of the first part. But I understand that some people think this way, they have forgotten their first part at their 18yr or before.

%name VAMILLE   fantastic world

A place to go? and a place to be?

I’d like to go to South America, Mexico and Chile, just for the colors and moods. For me, I dream of living in Berlin where artists really are artists, and not just people who talk but do not act. And especially the friendliness of the Germans, who give without asking anything in return. Whole culture of character and illustration including Pictoplasma festival or store “museum” like the Dude Factory. And all the splendid fresco street-art such as Blu of course!

%name VAMILLE   fantastic world

 Who is your favorite character?

I love the characters of Adventure Time.  This cartoon is always surprising me in every episode, I do not understand where they get all these ideas to make evolve the characters in this way. I also admire the characters of Supakitch and Koralie, two French artists really amazing, which work in two distinct style unite in armonie.

 In your bidimensional world everything is possible. does real life ever ends up in your drawings?

I did not realize it immediately, but often yes. You can find explanations for my drawings when you know my life, but only my family and friends know why. But I like the idea that you find in my drawings that everything is possible, as this is true, everything in life is possible.

%name VAMILLE   fantastic world

Inoltre Vamille è stata coinvolta da Stick’em per realizzare tre nuove grafiche di stickers per MacBook Apple.. “So it’s born a hungry finger man, a hungry Cloud and a hungry bad dino!”

%name VAMILLE   fantastic world

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