FASHION – It’s not just about frocks!

Oggi sfogliando una rivista di moda (ELLE collections A/W 2011) ho letto questa “lettera” indirizzata ai lettori scritta dall’Editor in chief Lorraine Candy, e vorrei condividerla con voi, soprattutto con chi di voi lavora in questo strano mondo che è la moda.

Ne cito un estratto:

Dear you,

Fashion has stood in the shadow of controversy this year….This has made many questions the industry, but for those of us who watch the biggest show on earth twice a year, one thing has remained more important than anything else: the clothes.

Outside fashion, this is often viewed as a shallow and throwaway statement. “It’s just frocks”, as one bemused business leader patronisingly said to me at London Fashion Week.

Actually fashion is far more than this. Fashion is one of the most potent and driving forces in the developed world today. Through fashion, history is defined. Through fashion, moments you never want to forget are brunt on your memory….And I think fashion reflects the underlying emotions of wath in happening in society…

In the UK is the second biggest employer. No one ever says the car industry is “just about cars”, do they??

So the clothes are what we should celebrate today. There should be no shame in our love of fashion.

So yes, it is about clothes. I ‘m proud to be part of this industry and will give it all the support and credit it deserves.You would do well to do the same.

Lorraine x

So che può sembrare un discorso retorico, ma io trovo che metta un bel punto all’ annosa questione sulla superficialità della moda.

Cosa ne pensate?

%name FASHION   Its not just about frocks!