Thursday Mixtape #00


Listen to new releases and good old sounds in Soul, RnB, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Electronic music.
Famous artists and still unknown talented ones to play during the week-end.
Different tracks different moods every week all the time.


1. 2015. Song n.8 from last album Ego Death issued last June. Soul vibez.

2. 2014. Very talented dj, he can mix shed loads of stiles and make them sound like one unedited song. This is actually a cover of Immature – I Don’t Mind.

3. 2015 Kaytranada production.

4. 2014. Young old school hot babe. She was born in the 80’s.

5. 2012. An old track from his previous album. We like it old sometimes.

6. 2010. Buzzing electro beat and her voice. Nothing else.

7. 1998. Rest in peace Aaliyah.

8. 2015. She started in 2012. This is her latest release with a sample from a Aaliyah’s song One in a million.

9. 2015. She used to be Missy Elliott’s choreographer and now Missy is producing music with her. Still nobody cares about this girl but she will be famous.

10Hot blonde chick rapping pretty well..